InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program – Earn $50 Per Referral ($1575/month)

InMotion Hosting affiliate program is a great way to add some more cash into your monthly income. All you have to do is sign up for an InMotion Hosting affiliate account, place a link or banner to your blog or website, and for every customer you refer, you earn money. It’s that simple.

Each day you recommend products and services to friends, family, and co-workers, so why not earn $50 for each recommendation from your website. Earlier, I have talked about WPEngine affiliate program and SiteGround affiliate program which pays up to $200 and $125 respectively per sale.

Today, I will be talking about InMotion Hosting affiliate program, which is one of the most popular affiliate programs.

How much you can earn from InMotion Affiliate Program?

You can earn $50 per referral from InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program. There is no cap on the amount of commissions you receive. It means you can earn unlimited commissions.

InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program Payout

Lets take an example:

  • If you refer 1 Customer, you will be paid $50 x 1 = $50 Per Month
  • If you refer 2 customer, you will be paid $50 x 2 = $100 Per Month
  • If you refer 3 customer, you will be paid $50 x 3 = $150 Per Month
  • If you refer 21 customer, you will be paid $50 x 21 = $1050 Per Month
  • You can earn addition $25 Total per sale, it means additional $25 x 21= $525 per month

Total sale $1575 if you refer 21 customer per month.

How much money you can make InMotion Hosting

Why Join InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program?

  • It’s FREE to join!
  • 2nd Tier Commission & Monthly Payouts
  • Dedicated Affiliate Contact
  • Affiliate Referral Bonus & Affiliate Giveaways
  • IP & cookie-based tracking & Detailed account tracking
  • Real-time statistics & Easy-to-Use control panel
  • Custom landing pages

How to Join InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program?

In this article we will show you how to join InMotion Hosting affiliate program. It is not necessary to be a InMotion Hosting customer in order to participate in the program.

This article covers the following topics:

#1: How to Join Hosting Affiliate Program

Step-1: Click here or Join InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program to sign up for InMotion Affiliate Program.

Join InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program

Step-2: Click on Sign Up Now button to create your affiliate account.

InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program Sign Up Page

Step-3: Accept to the Terms & Conditions and fill your Name, Email, Website URL, Login & Payment Information along with your complete Address.

InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program Final Page

Step-4: Finally click on “Click Here to Create Account”.

Once your account is approved, login to your account and get the banners and place them on your website or blog to earn money from InMotion Hosting Affilaite Program.

#2: How to Use InMotion Hosting Affiliate Control Panel

Following step by step guide will help you how to get the Affiliate code & banners to place on your website.

Step-1: Login to your InMotion Hosting Affiliate account. You will be redirected to Home page of affiliate center. This is the dashboard page where you will get your affiliate URL, traffic details, affiliate clicks and earnings.

Step-2: Now go to Link Code menu, select Banner Ads and click on View Ads to see different types of Affiliate banners.

Affiliate Link Area for General Banners

Step-3: Choose any banner which you want to promote on your website. You will see your affiliate code below every banner. Just copy the code and place on your website. That’s it.

If you are techie or know a little bit about coding, you can get your affiliate code from dashboard or from any banner link. Just use that link wherever you want.

InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program Ads