BlueHost Affiliate Program – Earn $65 Per Referral ($1365/month)

It is always been a good idea to follow other experienced bloggers or affiliate marketer in your niche if you want to be successful in your blogging career. You need to follow:

What they do?, How they do?, What they suggest or recommend?

This will help you to grow and understand the basics of blogging and how to earn money online.

Experienced bloggers always suggest that If your are in Blogging niche or your niche allows you to get into Web Hosting affiliate program, I must say web hosting affiliate is one of the top most profitable and highest paying niche.

People are making thousands of dollars by promoting top most Web Hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGatorInMotion and SiteGround.

How much you can earn from BlueHost Affiliate Program?

You can earn $65 per referral from BlueHost Affiliate Program. There is no cap on the amount of commissions you receive. It means you can earn unlimited commissions from BlueHost.

Lets take an example:

  • If you refer 1 Customer, you will be paid $65 x 1 = $65 Per Month
  • If you refer 5 customer, you will be paid $65 x 5 = $325 Per Month
  • If you refer 21 customer, you will be paid $65 x 21 = $1365 Per Month

You must be thinking why I have taken 21 customer, why not 30 per month. If you see the entire web hosting industry they always calculate on 21+ affiliate commissions to show you how much you can earn. That’s way I have taken the same. It’s not the matter of concern because you can earn as much as you can refer customer to BlueHost.

Why to Join BlueHost Affiliate Program?

  • Its Free to Join – It takes only minutes in Signing up and is entirely free.
  • Unlimited Earnings – There is no cap on the amount of commissions you receive.
  • Dedicated Team – Anytime you can get free support and advice from their affiliate experts.
  • Proven Success – Over $5 million paid out in commissions last year.
  • Proven Performance – A wide selection of effective banners that drive traffic and convert visitors into sales.
  • Reliable Tracking –  Detailed insight of click-through ratios, conversion rates, and commission payments.
  • Customizable Campaigns  – Simply append your tracking link with a campaign name to automatically segment your referred traffic.

Anyone can join BlueHost hosting affiliate program. You need not to have a specific Domain like, or and write review about the hosting plans to earn commission. You can get good results with other niche blogs too like:

  • Blogging Niche
  • Technology Niche
  • Web Design Niche
  • Programming & Coding Niche
  • WordPress/Blogger Tutorial Niche
  • WordPress Themes Niche

You can get the decent amount of commission with these niche blogs too.

How to Join BlueHost Affiliate Program?

In this article we will show you how to join BlueHost affiliate program. It is not necessary to be a BlueHost customer in order to participate in the program.

Step-1: Click here to Visit BlueHost. Scroll down to reach at bottom of the page, click on Affiliates under Programs section. Now click on Sign Up button of the affiliate page.

BlueHost Affiliate Program Sign Up Page

Step-2: Here you have to enter your Account User Name, Password with detailed account information like your name, phone no, address, email and primary URL. This information is used to validate that you are real affiliate user and to generate affiliate tracking code.

Your tracking code will be driven by your user name so choose it wisely.

BlueHost Affiliate Program Information

Step-3: Once you have filled all the information, enter your PayPal Email address to get the payment of every visitor that signs up from your personalized tracking code.

Select I agree to the Affiliate Terms and Conditions and click on Sign Up button to create your affiliate account.

BlueHost Affiliate Program Payment

You will be redirected to BlueHost Dashboard, click on links to get your tracking code. Your tracking code will look like below snapshot. Copy your BlueHost affiliate code and promote on your own website.

BlueHost Tracking Dashboard

Join BlueHost Affiliate Program

If you have not registered your domain name and still planning to get one for affiliate marketing. I recommend to get a domain from GoDaddy and Hosting from any of the hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGatorInMotion and SiteGround.

You can get a Free Domain Name with the above hosts but don’t forget their renewal prices. If you don’t want to pay more renewal prices on Domain Name then I must say go for GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the #1 domain registrar in the world. I always recommend Bluehost hosting because it offers reliable Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting services.